Guidance for Potential Exhibitors

World Nanocellulose EXPO 2021 Exhibit Information

The largest nanocellulose exhibition, World Nanocellulose EXPO 2021 will be held from 1st to 14th of June 2021 as a pre-event of TAPPI’s 2021 International Conference on Nanotechnology for Renewable Materials.

Attentions for nanomaterials from renewable resources like nanocellulose are increasing in the stream of attractive activity to reduce the green-house gas emission and to realize the SDGs. The related industries for nanocellulose are estimated to grow intensively in the future.

Although traffic and event holding were restricted because of Covid-19, R&D were progressing steadily and new technologies and products were created one after another.

Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your technologies, products and services to the world and acquire new customers!

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Advantages of World Nanocellulose EXPO 2021

The only Nanocellulose Exhibition held on a global scale

This exhibition is the only nanocellulose exhibition held on a global scale. It will be held in a virtual style based on the live exhibition held in Japan two years ago co-sponsored with the 2019 TAPPI Nano Conference. You can accurately deliver your technologies and products to the target audience.

The pre-event of an international conference for nanocellulose, TAPPI Nano 2021

The exhibition will be held as a pre-event of the largest international conference for renewable nanocellulose materials. TAPPI Nano participants, and many researchers and students in addition to business persons will visit the exhibition. Consecutively holding the exhibition and conference will be increase participation; it is a great opportunity to appeal your technologies, products, and to acquire the new customers.

The exhibition focuses various kinds of nanocellulose and nanomaterials

The exhibition focuses not only traditional nanocellulose made of wood but also various kinds of nanocellulose and nanomaterials like agri-waste derived, bacterial, tunicate derived nanocellulose and nanomaterials made of chitin and chitosan. You can connect with people from different fields that you have never communicated.

Reasonable exhibition fee and free translation service to Japanese

In order for many companies and research institutes to exhibit, the organizers have made various cost cuts and reduced the exhibition fee to less than half the price of regular virtual exhibitions. Japan is one of the hottest markets in nanocellulose. There are many suppliers of nanocellulose Learn more and many products using nanocellulose.Learn more To help exhibitors enter the Japanese market, the organizers provide free translation service to Japanese and free creation of the Japanese page.

Create an exhibition booth that looks good regardless of the amount of information

Web-designers will create your exhibition booth when you submit the contents. The organizers can accept up to 10 contents and also provide enough space for you when you want to exhibit a lot of information. On the other side, when you have little information to exhibit, web-designers will create a good-looking booth using free materials.

Procedure from Application to Holding

  1. Exhibition Application (From Website)
  2. Payment of Exhibition Fee
  3. Upload the Exhibition Contents (From Website)
  4. Payment of Optional Service Fee
  5. Confirm the Exhibition Booth
  6. Open to the Public (From 1st to 14th of June)

Exhibition Fee $1,000

The exhibition fee includes the following costs;

– Creation of English Booth
– Translation of English contents to Japanese (except of text over 3,000 words and figures, tables and captions)
– Creation of Japanese Booth

Optional Service Menu

(1) Posting banner ads

Banner Ads will be posted on four Announcement pages (English, Japanese, Chinese, and Portuguese) published until 31st of May and four Entrance pages (English, Japanese, Chinese, and Portuguese) published from 1st to 14th of June. The size of Banner ads is 300 px x 250 px and the banner can be linked to any URL. Please submit completed banners that can be used as is. You can prepare 4 kinds of banner for individual language or one banner for all language.

Fee: $1,000

If you need create your banners, please contact the Secretariat by e-mail. The Secretariat will prepare the estimate. In this case, the Secretariat will deliver the electronic data of the banners.

(2) Anytime Update Service of Exhibit Information

The exhibition booth will be created based on the data entered or uploaded in the exhibition information input page in advance, and additional postings will not be possible. If you apply for the Anytime Update Service, the Secretariat can meet the following requests;

– During the exhibition period, additional press releases want to be posted on the exhibition page.
– During the exhibition period, the posted information wants to be changed because of the specification change of the product.
– During the exhibition period, the posted information wants to be revised based on the reaction of visitors.
– Information entry is not completed by the deadline on the exhibition information input page.

Fee: $1,000

(3) Additional Translation Service of Exhibit Information

The Secretariat will translate the text described in the exhibit information input page into Japanese and create the Japanese page, but if the number of text words described in the page exceeds 3,000 words, the Secretariat will accept Japanese translation for a fee.

In Anytime Update Service, Japanese translation of the texts submitted from second or more time is also for a fee.

Fee: $200 for every 500 words

There is no charge if the exhibitor enters in Japanese on the exhibit information input page in Japanese or submits a Japanese manuscript.

(4) Japanese Inquiry Agency Service

During the exhibition period, the Secretariat will temporarily take inquiries received from the inquiry form in Japanese page, translate them into English, and forward them to the specified e-mail address within 24 hours. It is also possible to have the exhibitor’s response in English and send it in Japanese within 24 hours after the response arrives.

This service can be used only when the inquiry form is set up at the Japanese page. In addition, the Secretariat will not use the personal information of the person who made inquiry or the content of the inquiry for any purpose other than agency.

Fee: $500

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Important Deadline Schedule

If you use the free translation service to Japanese If you do not use the free translation service to Japanese
Exhibition Application ~ 14th, May ~ 21st, May
Enter text, image file, and link on the exhibit information input page ~ 14th, May ~ 21st, May

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